How and Why to use Wrist Wraps

Hi and welcome to the first post at getstrength New Zealand blog. My first post in this series of How to and Why articles and videos will be to answer the most emailed questions we get in detail.

Getstrength is the biggest suppliers of Wrist Wraps in New Zealand,

How to use Wrist Wraps and what Wrist Wrap should I be using?

How you use the wrist wrap will depend on the result you are trying to achieve and of course the exercise you are preforming. Wrist support is very important.


Wrist Injury

wrist support for injury

If you have a wrist injury and you are trying to remove all movement from the wrist , the wrist wrap will be wrapped tight and high up the hand. This will remove just about all movement from the hand. See pic below for example.

Please note you will need to remove the wrist wrap after every set, to let the blood flow back into the hand.

Wrist Wrap for Injury

Performance Based

Olympic Lifting movements

Wrap position will depend on the exercise, if for example you are preforming a Olympic Lifting movement, i.e Clean and Jerk, Snatch etc you would have wrap set low, See pic below for example. This will allow a little movement in the wrist but still give the wrist support you require to prevent injury.You will need to remove the wrist wrap after every set.

olympic lifting wrap








Powerlifting movements

If you were preforming a bench or Squat for a example, you would have the wrap set reasonably high and very tight, but not has high as the injury set. This is a preference thing, but you would want very little movement and flexibility in the wrist, to get the best result out of the wrap for maximal power and strength. See pic below for example. You will need to remove the wrist wrap after every set.









Bodybuilding and general use.

Once again this is a individual preference set, but the wrap would not be used tight and would not need to be removed after every use.

How to use the Wrist Wrap Thumb Loop for the best result

Video below:

What Wrist Wrap should I be using?

Going over 18 inches in a Wrist Wrap we feel here at Getstrength is a waste of time. You just wear yourself out wrapping. You should be able to achieve ample resistance with 12 – 18 inches, if not get a better wrap.

We have been selling Wrist Wraps for over 15 years and have been involved in PowerLifting since 1981.

We here at currently sell four types of Wrist Wraps, 3 at 18 inches and 1 Pink pair at 12 inches

They are all very heavy duty, the main difference is they get harder, “less stretch” , so they become less forgiving.

The harder “less stretch” they are the less movement you will get. So you need to take this into account when picking your Wrist Wraps. If you need movement for Olympic Lifting, Pull Up etc you will need the Standard Pair, in red and black or pink.

If you are using them for Power then you could have a look at the GS Super Heavy Wrist Wraps or the GS Double Super Heavy Wrist Wraps All come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!