About Us

24/7 Key based membership

Our mission statement is to create and nurture great lifters regardless of ability, age, weight or gender. Promote safe lifting for long, successful careers. And to foster a strong culture of support and comradeship.

Injury free lifting through correct technique and discipline

You are not just joining a Gym, you are joining a club with World class athletes and strength coaches.

What will my membership get me?

  • 24/7 Key based membership
  • Full access to the famous and exclusive Getstrength Power Gym (very exclusive and limited membership base)
  • You have access to the Getstrength Strength and Powerlifting Club
  • Access to the World Class Strength and Conditioning Coaches (One on One charges will apply)
  • Strongman and Powerlifting contests and seminars
  • New Getstrength Equipment added regularly including new prototypes (pre-market release gear).
  • World Class Strength Equipment made by Getstrength, including 28 different Specialty Bars, Strength Bands, Heavy Chains, Getstrength famous Boss Rack, Lifting Platforms, Weight Releasers, Strongman Gear including a full size Conan’s Wheel, Heavy D.B’s, Eleiko Bars and Weights, Reverse Hyper, Front Squat Zercher Harness‘s, Heavy Benches, Auto Spot D.B Bench, Bench Pull, Power Post and much more

John Strachan
Head Strength Coach and Gym Manager

john strachan

3 IPF World Powerlifting Champoinships
IPF Commonwealth Powerlifting Champion
2 x Oceania Powerlifting Champion,
8 x National Powerlifting Champion.

Strength training health and fitness has been a passion of mine since i started Powerlifting at the age of 14. I have had the benefit of training with some of New Zealand’s top strength athletes over the last 12 years. I bring dedication and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Contact John Strachan
e: Johnstrachanpt@gmail.com
m: 0211145380