About Us

24/7 Key based membership

Our mission statement is to create and nurture great lifters regardless of ability, age, weight or gender. Promote safe lifting for long, successful careers. And to foster a strong culture of support and comradeship.

Injury free lifting through correct technique and discipline

You are not just joining a Gym, you are joining a club with World class athletes and strength coaches.

What will my membership get me?

  • 24/7 Key based membership
  • Full access to the famous and exclusive Getstrength Power Gym (very exclusive and limited membership base)
  • You have access to the Getstrength Strength and Powerlifting Club
  • Access to the World Class Strength and Conditioning Coaches (One on One charges will apply)
  • Strongman and Powerlifting contests and seminars
  • New Getstrength Equipment added regularly including new prototypes (pre-market release gear).
  • World Class Strength Equipment made by Getstrength, including 28 different Specialty Bars, Strength Bands, Heavy Chains, Getstrength famous Boss Rack, Lifting Platforms, Weight Releasers, Strongman Gear including a full size Conan’s Wheel, Heavy D.B’s, Eleiko Bars and Weights, Reverse Hyper, Front Squat Zercher Harnessβ€˜s, Heavy Benches, Auto Spot D.B Bench, Bench Pull, Power Post and much more

John Strachan
Head Strength Coach and Gym Manager

john strachan

3 IPF World Powerlifting Champoinships
IPF Commonwealth Powerlifting Champion
2 x Oceania Powerlifting Champion,
8 x National Powerlifting Champion.

Strength training health and fitness has been a passion of mine since i started Powerlifting at the age of 14. I have had the benefit of training with some of New Zealand’s top strength athletes over the last 12 years. I bring dedication and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Contact John Strachan
e: Johnstrachanpt@gmail.com
m: 0211145380