Weightlifting Belt XXL
Weightlifting Belt XXL
Weightlifting Belt XXL
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Weightlifting Belt XXL

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New Zealands Number 1 Selling Leather Double Prong Weightlifting Belt 


Getstrength Professional weightlifting belt , made from genuine leather. Hard wearing Heavy Duty Weightlifting Belt.

Strong Steel double prong buckle

Back Width of belt 10 cm and 6 cm wide in front.

Weightlifting Belt Sizes:

XS – 60cm – 76cm

S – 77cm – 89cm

M – 90cm – 97cm

L – 98cm – 111cm

XL – 112cm – 116 cm

XXL – 117cm – 130 cm

What do I need? Weightlifting Belt or Powerlifting Belt

plbelts1.jpg Weightlifting Belt XXL56d3fa2b0aae3 plbelts1The most common questions we have in the Getstrength store with regards to weight training belts are “Do i need a Weightlifting Belt or Powerlifting Belt?” and “what is the difference?” …….

Lets start with by explaining the difference between the  Weightlifting and Powerlifting Belt

As you see in the picture above, the main difference is the tongue, the tongue on the Powerlifting Belt is 100 mm and the belt is the same width over the entire belt.

The Weightlifting Belt has a tongue width of 60 mm, and a back brace of 100 mm. Read more….. 

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