GS Bench Master Large
GS Bench Master Large

GS Bench Master Large


Become a Bench Master!

The Getstrength Bench Master is used to support and increase strength and power in the upper body. Use to simulate Bench Shirt Training, Powerlifters can use the Getstrength Bench Master as a bridge week from a raw to shirt bench press or assistance in tricep development.

But the Getstrength Bench Master is so much more, it is ideal for athletes with shoulder, elbows and chest impingements. The Bench Master will allow athletes to bench full range of movement without pain.

Can also be used in Press Ups.

Now you can bench heavy with no pain!

Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

Medium Under 70 kgs
Large 71-90 kgs
XL 91-120 kgs
2XL 120+ Kgs



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